Fake romance?
Who lied to you?

That’s purely ‘uwongo’
The only thing vague
That I still comprehend not,
Is why you want more,
The two of us to tango,
Than the two of us
to tangle? …

Hello there cursed self?
How are you inner man?
How are you fairing on?
How is your betrayed self?

Please don't tell me you regret,
Don't even tell me you blame fate,
Didn't I tell you?
Over and over,
And over!
straight from the horses mouth,
Didn't you hear my words echo?
Over and over,
And over!

Hello Love,
Would you on this night
Grant my wish and suggest,
Hold me tight
And lie once again
on your sir’s chest,
Whilst I caress you right?

Hello Love,
Would you on this day
When night draws nigh,
Exploit my sensual savour
Explore it, my favour
And find my lips flavour?
Would you on this…

The Long Sword of a Knight

You only needed,
A magic touch of Mr papa
A light touch between the dips,
Between neck and shoulder
A slight touch of your hips,
And an “Open Sesame”
To wide open your gates for me
and whisper to your Alibaba
To set free your ravenous ‘jini ever,’
to fill your pangs of…

My mind replays,
It replays
our thousand moments,
Our memories
When I was with you,
Yes I know I told you "Nakupenda,"
And I know of the times you called

And yes too!
It also found a replace,
A replace
To erase the thousand torments
that I bear as memories,
When I was with you!
And yes too,
My heart is no longer tender
And you should know that it grew cold

Just because I was once,
With you!

Its yet another dawn,

That the sun rays are caressing her

Its yet another dawn,

That she still wishes

It was Ray who did!

Its yet another Sunday,

That she still hears his vague voice

Every time when his soul whispers,

She still listens to his faint sighs

Every day…

I remember well the night Monday,
After the amber sights had fallen
the sun
Kissing lips of 'le monde'
had driven us to a fairy lane
I remember well
It was eight during dinner
that my attention to your burgeoning breasts
Made me lie to you
I was richer than the owner
of addidas
With intentions to lie with you
I did…


All I wanted was paradise

For your brown brows,

To twinkle towards me

But did you give a dime?

Did you give me time?

Even a chime of your clock!

Didn’t you look past my dying eyes-

Didn’t you cut me dead?

With words piercing me to…


A string of curses flowed,
from her lips
A haunting sadness in her voice
A stream of tears flowed,
from his eyes
Reliving their daunting choice
The two were like alone in the world,
No sign of life around them
The firy eerie sounds had frozen
The fires of pure lust had been doused
And the air was…

This is my first piece of work and am still new to this. I was afraid to post my literature art pieces to the world until I was encouraged by Alloyce Lugoma piece (why I have not yet made my first 1000$) and Gladysdaeweeks to venture into this.

Am generally…


Poet of poerotica

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